Singer Vitas has created a social network

Певец Витас создал социальную сеть The actor has launched a platform for people who want to put creative projects. According to Vitas, a special algorithm will evaluate how the unique content of the user. This will depend on the number of views his next publication.

      Певец Витас создал социальную сеть

      Idol-2000s, singer Vitas has developed a platform for communication Taingle. The contractor decided to support young talents who record music, shoot videos and do other creative work. According to the artist, the social network will be able to leave audio comments.

      “The network is focused on people who want promotion, says Vitas “StarHit”. – It is not intended for a photo on the background of ficus, and is designed for users who will share their creative projects – footage and video. Specially designed for this algorithm will be to evaluate how uniquely laid out, and the higher the talent level of the post, the more users will see the following publication. Another feature of my product – what the user can leave to his own and others posts audio comments”.

      By the way, the Vitas popular not only among users of Russian social networks, but also abroad. The singer has a lot of fans in China who like to lay out a parody of his compositions on their lichnyh pages. The actor loves to watch other people rehash his hits.

      Vitas: “I will make every effort to save the family”

      “China has several sites where they post parodies of my songs. I even attended one such resource, there are about 10 thousand of such compositions. In the United States are now popular my track “the Seventh element”, which has already appeared of parody. TV show The Soup published on its website the video of my performance with this song, and then she got in their Christmas edition. Now, the video has received more than 30 million likes,” said Vitas “StarHit”.