Singer Vera Brezhneva lost her residence permit in Russia Komsomolskaya Pravda reports this.< p>
Singer Vera Brezhneva lost her residence permit in Russia Looks like it's from its former glory there is no trace of the artist. After leaving Russia, 41-year-old Vera Brezhneva, together with her husband Konstantin Meladze, settled in Europe, where the former soloist of the VIA gra group has not yet succeeded in unwinding.

And on the eve it became known about another trouble. Brezhneva's document, which confirmed her right to temporary and permanent residence in Russia, has been annulled. Because of what IP Kiperman V.V. (in Brezhnev's documents she left the name of her ex-husband – ed.) was liquidated on the territory of the country. “alt=”Singer Vera Brezhneva lost her residence permit in Russia” />

The publication “Komsomolskaya Pravda” also reports that while living and working in Russia, the singer and her husband Konstantin Meladze never received Russian passports.

“It is possible that the artist was deprived of a residence permit or she herself refused it. In any case, now Vera Brezhneva will not be able to come to the Russian Federation and live here, not to mention building a career, ”said lawyer Andrey Aleshkin.

It is worth noting that Brezhneva is a co-owner clothing brand in St. Petersburg, however, as the newspaper notes, the organization does not earn anything.

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