Певица Елка впервые за много лет сменила прическу

Finally, the star decided on a radical change of image.

On our stage not so many stars, differing in consistency. Most like to experiment with looks and style in clothes in order to keep up with fashion and to not give the audience bored. However, the singer Elka entirely different test.

It can be recognized from a distance, as they say, gait and constant beam on his head. In clothes she is also quite conservative: most often appears in public in outfits black color or dresses in muted colors and always in floor length. And so many, many years.

What was the surprise of the audience, when the singer appeared in the Kremlin Palace ceremony of awarding the national prize, organized by Igor Krutoy, in a whole new way.

The usual ponytail was replaced by hair a La cher: loose hair was curled in small curls like the singer for the night braided a thousand small braids and in the morning dismissed them. Yes, with the mane of the Tree and no one even knew! She was more like Beyonce or other black singers, but not the Tree, which are so accustomed to the audience. And she was dressed this evening in a stylish pantsuit. “What happened with the singer? — whispering backstage. — What are these changes?”

However, the Christmas Tree, as always, remains silent. She’s not very talkative in matters of a personal nature. In his Instagram she just posted a picture of his new image and thanked his fans for having her that night was awarded the prize “singer of the year”.