Певица Слава перестала стесняться своей груди Star preparing for the concert, which will take place on 6 September. The event will coincide with the birthday of Viktor Drobysh. Glory showed the fans a dress that wants to put on a show. Fans of the singer criticised the outfit for excessive candor.

      Singer Slava loves to shock the audience. The star is not shy to spread in social networks enough candid shots. This time Fame, recently released a provocative video for “Red”, struck followers of his microblog a dress she wants to wear to one of the upcoming events.

      “Help Board! September 6 in Sochi, on the “New wave” singing on the author’s evening of Viktor Jakovlevich Drobysh! How do you dress? Not very brave?”, – asked the fans Glory.

      In the photo shared by the actress, seen only the top of the outfit. Dress partially bare chest Glory and oblique abdominal muscles. Followers “Instagram” star was criticized this way. “That swimsuit”, “Slightly too much”, “I think, very brave”, “Not a fountain! Something sweeter I want you to see!”, “On the beach at the time, but not on the stage,” wrote the social network users. Glory tried to make excuses for the Frank outfit. Bottom very nice, just don’t want all the secrets to give!”, explained bad the star.

      Some fans of the actress were very surprised that Glory chose a dress with this neckline, because recently she complained that her Breasts lost their shape. “Tits hanging, wrinkles under the eyes, and still I’m awesome!”, – admitted the star in one of the posts. Perhaps now the actress is completely happy with her body.

      By the way, according to fans, the more successful outfits Glory is demonstrated in the video, “Red,” which was strongly criticized by Internet users. The artist told me that the clip is metaphoric. “Allegory that we show in the clip, the massacre of world leaders, during the reign which killed so many people. They promised a bright future, but in the end it ended the wars and death of innocent people. It’s like in life, when after a failed marriage, women do not trust men, but suddenly there is one that promises that everything will be different, but in the end doing worse and worse,” – said Slava. However, not everyone understood the intent of the singer. State Duma Deputy Sergei Obukhov demanded to ban this video, calling it tasteless porridge. The star of the pop scene recorded in response policies short video. Singer Slava responded to criticism of his new video

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