Певица Слава рассказала о грядущей свадьбе
The singer married for the second time.


Photo: @nastya_slava Instagram of the singer of Glory

Marc Anthony planned to play in the coming year wedding. The actress said she is ready to marry again. That the singer intends to come to the altar with her lover — Anatoly Danilitskiy she blurted out on one of the secular parties held in the capital recently.

Glory met her future husband in the distant 2002. During this time they had been born a daughter, Antonina. However, despite the presence of a common child, the couple was in no hurry to get married. After a not very successful current relationship with her first husband, Konstantin Morozov, the marriage with whom Slava has a daughter Alexandra, who did not want again to tie the knot. However, according to rumors, the reason why the Glory and Anatoly still not married reason is quite different: a 14-year relationship with the singer danilecki, allegedly, did not formalize the divorce with his former wife.

By the way, the expiring year was for the Glory not the easiest for her entire career. Some time ago, over a singer were in serious jeopardy of complete loss of hearing that could put an end to the singing activities of the artist. Ear problems came to Glory after suffering at the feet of the flu. Fortunately, everything went well — the singer had surgery, and two weeks later, she returned to the scene and were able to work the remaining scheduled concerts as part of her tour.