Singer Slava remorse

Певицу Славу мучают угрызения совести
Artist reproaches himself that puts his career above motherhood.

Singer Slava

Photo: @nastya_slava Instagram Fame

Singer Fame this summer, had absolutely no time to relax. Work schedule of the artist is written in such a way that during the summer she averaged only four days a week. Constant touring exhausted the performer. Besides the Glory of going through that stopped to see his two daughters, Alexandra and Antonina. The actress is upset that she has to miss important moments in the lives of loved ones.

“I miss my little girls. Meanwhile, at Toshka already two tooth fell out! And I missed it,” the singer blames himself. However, soon the Glory will finally be able to spend some time with family. To the promised rest she left to work for a single concert.

Not long ago, the Glory, maybe because of his fatigue, too have reacted violently to criticism of Elena Vaenga. The scandal between the two performers was held at the filming of the show “Three chords”. Star chanson who participated in the program as a member of the jury, did not like the speech her colleagues that really hurt Glory. After Vaenga expressed his opinion, the Glory left the stage in tears, and then promised not to participate in such projects.