Singer Slava is preparing for a major surgery

Певица Слава готовится к серьезной операции Star refuses to performances because of health problems. Singer Slava admitted that the end of this year has stood out very heavy. Singer will not participate in the recording of the Christmas programs instead of waiting for her hospital bed.
Певица Слава готовится к серьезной операции

The end of this year has developed for the singer of Glory not in a good way. Some time ago, the star broke his right arm, and soon it will have a serious operation. Last year, the singer has got a complication after influenza in the form of dangerous diseases automateit. This is a purulent inflammation of the middle ear, because of him, but a year ago hardly has not lost the hearing, and is now under constant medical supervision. Due to an upcoming surgery star refuses some of the speeches – is records Christmas programs Glory will go in the hospital.

“Some end of the year I have had a rough health – said the Fame in interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” of NTV. – You will have to sacrifice Christmas programs because of the surgery. To cancel solo, I just will not. Tickets sold out six months in advance”.
Певица Слава готовится к серьезной операции

Now Glory goes on stage in plaster, disguising them as stage clothes. On her arm are emblazoned the gold, red, blue bandage, covering medical material. Fractured Glory “earned” during the tour. Moving by car from one city to another, she asked the driver to make a stop to make hygiene. But on rough roads didn’t keep standing and fell. Later the doctors diagnosed the singer of a distal radius fracture.

The star admits that is already adapted to one-handed life. “Eat with your left hand, painted with my left hand too. And well, by the way, it turns out. Lashes look beautiful!” – optimistic Glory.

Home singer helps her civil husband, businessman Anatoly Danilitskiy. He keeps order and cleanliness, and if need be, standing at the plate.

“He’s a pedantic, all the dishes will always wash up, an excellent cook, says about her husband Thank. – I come from a tour and I ask him: “Olunechka, I roast the quail, please,” and he goes on a street and fries, regardless of the weather.”

But I’m sure the support of my beloved husband will help her survive the black band and stay in the ranks. Very soon the star will delight fans with two new clips – “Sweeps winter” and “you”. And these shootings will not break no broken arm nor the planned operation.