Singer Slava has allowed 17-year-old daughter to live with a guy

Певица Слава разрешила 17-летней дочери жить с парнем The artist was not against the move of heir. Fame and the family’s beloved Sasha took off for a couple apartment. According to pop stars, and now her daughter is more convenient to get to school. Artist does not prevent early family life Alexandra.

      Relations singer Fame with her older daughter Alexandra, many can only envy. Star mother democratic approach to the education of the heiress, trying her nothing to prevent and always makes the right choice. According to the singer, Sasha grows very independent girl. This academic year she will finish the eleventh class, and she even has a chance to get the gold medal.

      So the girl was closer to get to school, Thank decided to remove daughter’s apartment about the institution. However, in the new home he has moved not one, but with a young man named Dmitry, with whom is found a long time. According to the singer, her boyfriend’s daughter has become a mother. Artist and young people are not seen together at social events. Celebrity never denied that resolves daughters at such an early age to build a romantic relationship.

      “Recently we met with his parents, and decided to remove our children an apartment next to Sasha’s school. The fact that we live out of town, the road to school takes her two hours. I felt sorry for Sasha, when she would get up every day at 5:30 in the morning and sleepy going to class… And I gave my consent to her moving,” admitted Glory.

      The singer of the hit “Alone” was told that Sasha and Dmitry has already managed to establish a life. Her daughter is preparing to elect, and some time ago in their house there was another cat.

      Glory is not opposed to possible marriage of the heiress. “If Sasha will come and say: “Mom, we decided to get married”, I’ll have to think of at least three months and if after that the desire will not pass, I will not interfere. I love weddings,” admitted the actress.

      The eldest heiress of the singer, Alexander was born when the Glory was only 19 years old. The star mom doesn’t care if her daughter will repeat her fate. As explained celebrity, she not afraid of early pregnancy daughter. “You may not believe me, but I really want to be a grandmother. I know I’ll right superbible” – said Slava in an interview with “Hello!”.