Singer Slava 43-year-old singer Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya) is not so long ago she went on tour to Turkey.

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During the break between performances, the star went to rest by the sea. On the beach, Slanevskaya spotted a Turk who accompanied a camel and decided to ride the animal. However, something didn't go according to plan. The mammal literally fell on its side from the weight of the singer.

Singer Slava

” Granny Slava killed the camel! While on tour in Turkey, there was another incident. With me, as usual, you will not get bored! — the singer signed the video.

Followers of the artist reacted ambiguously to the video. Many pointed out that long-term exploitation exhausts camels, and this can lead to sad consequences, up to a fracture of the spine.

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