Singer Slava came to the defense of Buzova scandal with producer

Певица Слава встала на защиту Бузовой в скандале с продюсером The actress admitted that she did not know how long to sing. She’s five years was playing without live sound, therefore, understands the colleague stage. Despite the friendship with Victor Drobysh, the Glory took the side of the disgraced TV presenter.

Olga Buzova continues to conquer music charts, and her work leaves no one indifferent. Recently Victor Drobysh decided in a very peculiar stage to speak about the victories of the presenter. With Nastasya Samburski, he recorded a parody of the speech of an aspiring artist. In the opinion of men, the desire for Olga to work the soundtrack has a negative impact on the domestic show business, and he can’t keep quiet about it.

Olga Buzova got into an altercation with Victor Drobysh, music

Olga was amazed at the sudden criticism. According to the presenter, Drobysh always communicated well with her, and recently even invited to perform on “idol.” However, the girl didn’t even think to stop on the way to the dream of becoming a superstar.

“While some to their musical creativity noticed me doing parodies, I, yesterday releasing its debut album, “the sounds of kissing,” which in 15 minutes headed to iTunes right after the premiere went to the Studio and continue to work,” said Olga.

Now in a bitter dispute decided to join the singer Glory. She recorded a video in support of Olga Buzova. The artist emphasizes that deeply respects as of the Drobysh, and Samburski, but do not share their opinion.

“I am also the first five years was the soundtrack, there is nothing to worry. I had no musical education, and all this time I worked on the vocals. Now for ten years, performing with a live sound. Olga big workaholic, and just for that alone it can be respected,” shared Glory.

Fans praised the singer for his courage, because for many years she works with Drobysh, but is not afraid to challenge his point of view. “Glory, you’re good. Let Busola can do whatever he wants, just to be happy”, “Olga has the right to sing, if it asks for her soul”, “lip-synched to speak correctly, but sometimes the artists just have no other choice”, – expressed his opinion of the fans of the stars.

Glory believes that Olga hurt such attacks in her address. However, the TV presenter tries not to react painfully to such statements.

Olga Buzova not for the first time subjected to harsh criticism. Her vocal previously discussed, Dmitry Malikov, Alexander Panayotov and Nikita Presnyakov. However, the words of his colleagues does not affect the plans of the presenter for a creative future. Now the aspiring singer is preparing for solo concerts, which this fall will take place in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Poplavskaya, Presnyakov and Panayotov against Buzova