Певица Слава призналась, что тяжело больна
The singer openly spoke about the state of his health.

Singer Slava

Photo: @nastya_slava Instagram Fame

In the pursuit to please with their performances as much as possible the number of fans, the stars often wear. Singer Slava complained to the fans that she has to continue to work even in a sick state. The singer openly spoke about how difficult she’s given speeches around the world.

“Oh, tired, woman Thank! Four countries in two days! Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine! Everything hurts, bones ache, my temperature…” lamented the Glory. But, in order to make a small break in the performances, not a speech. According to her, she intends to continue touring, even though podkashivatsya health. Tour schedule the stars are scheduled until the end of November.

Incidentally, until recently the glory of the Shine on music festival “New wave in 2016.” By the way, in Sochi the singer arrived in the company of his daughters — Sasha, which is remarkably similar to his mother. Thank often publishes photographs which show a striking resemblance of the singer and her heiress. By the way, Sasha, apparently took over from my mom not only appearance but also character. For example, some time ago, the Network appeared photos with candid shooting daughter’s Glory. The singer actively supports Sasha in all her endeavors and has admitted that he was proud of the grown-up heir.