Singer Sia reveals she has been diagnosed with autism Singer Sia, 47, spoke to fans about her condition .

Singer Sia reveals she has been diagnosed with autism 47-year-old singer Sia told fans about her illness. A few years ago, doctors diagnosed her with an autism spectrum disorder, but she decided to admit it only now. The artist said that all her life it was difficult for her to interact with people, but when she found out about her problem, she turned to the best specialists, and now there is a positive trend in her condition.

Singer Sia reveals she's been diagnosed with autism

“I'm fine now, recovering and all that – there are many different “I've been like this for 45 years… I felt like I had to go put on my human costume. It's only in the last two years that I've become completely myself,” Sia said.

She admitted that she previously preferred to hide her problems and peculiarities from others, but now she has changed her mind on this matter, and it has become much easier for her.

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