Певица Сия разводится после двух лет брака

40-year-old star and American filmmaker Erik Anders lang decided to remain friends.

Unfortunately, we have to admit the fact that the news about star divorces began to come more often than weddings, or at least new novels. The list of divorcees now joined the 40-year-old singer SIA. Her marriage to American filmmaker Erik Anders Lang lasted only two years and four months (the couple married August 2, 2014). And that’s probably the only thing we know about this relationship. Singer carefully hides his personal life from media attention. And therefore it is surprising that divorce star suddenly decided to declare publicly.

“After long discussions we decided to leave, admitted This in an interview with People magazine. — However, we will maintain friendly relations. No more comments on this subject will not follow.”

Recall that before the meeting with Eric singer preferred girls. In 2008, SIA has openly admitted his bisexuality:

“I never hid it. People raised a fuss about this, because I only just reached the success.”

At that time, she met a girl named JD Samson from the band Le Tigre. The pair even planned the wedding, but later broke up. 4 Jun 2014 on the red carpet in new York, and This first appeared on the arm of a man, who was later her first husband. But apparently, heterosexual relationships the singer also doesn’t taste.