Singer Sasha ripped off on vacation: “I paid half a million for the trip and now I will sue”

Певица Саша о сорванном отпуске: «Я заплатила полмиллиона за поездку и теперь буду судиться» Sasha Gradiva, known as the singer Sasha, were in an unenviable situation because of the dishonesty of a staff of a five star hotel in Turkey. Problems with faulty air conditioning turned to the artist and her loved ones with huge problems.
Певица Саша о сорванном отпуске: «Я заплатила полмиллиона за поездку и теперь буду судиться»

Hardly popular singer Sasha Gradiva could have imagined that her long-awaited vacation in Turkey turns into a real nightmare. In a two-week trip, the artist went along with my mother and several other family members.

Already on a place it became clear that in an expensive five star hotel is not air conditioned. When the artist tried to find out why the hottest period of the year the hotel is in such a FuG, and she was in the midst of this scandal.

“You see, my mother is a diabetes, constantly pressure. Her heat is in principle contraindicated. When I began to find out what problems I was told no problems there, and the air conditioners are working properly. But can it be called normal, if all the people around were literally dripping with sweat? I paid for the ticket half a million rubles, and for what? In the end, I started to demand that we fixed the air conditioning in the room, they refused. Then I asked them to call the travel Agency, the Embassy of Russia or the United States, since having dual citizenship, but here they refused me. In the end, mom’s excitement became ill, I asked her to call us the doctor, but they did not do”, — shared her experiences with “StarHit” the star.
Певица Саша о сорванном отпуске: «Я заплатила полмиллиона за поездку и теперь буду судиться»

In the end, the singer still managed to connect with the travel Agency, whose representatives promised to move her to another five-star hotel. What was the surprise of the artist, when the morning arrives, the representatives of the ill-fated hotel and demanded to immediately leave the room.

“They have all literally kicked out, didn’t see that I have a sick mother on his hands. Behind us came the Shuttle and taken to another hotel. You should have seen him! It’s a nightmare. Tiny Motel, I think he even stars do not. Now the representatives of tourist agencies have refused to go out with me, and I don’t know what to do. Honestly, I just want to pack up and go home. To sue the Agency will definitely, because this is some mess. I paid good money not to me patted my nerves,” said Sasha.

While the singer doesn’t know how to act. According to her, they still can’t get over the shock, and Sasha’s mother and is not feeling well. About how to relax and enjoy the sea, is not the question, because now the artist thinks about what evidence to provide in court against unscrupulous tour operator.