Singer Sasha Holliday has released a new track and announced the pregnancy

Певица Саша Холидей выпустила новый трек и объявила о беременности
Popular singer will become a mother.

Sasha Holliday

Photo: press service

The star of the show “star Factory” Sasha holiday, which
is the daughter of Viktor Drobysh, has managed to please fans not only
new bright summer track, but the news of her pregnancy.

The track “Into my heart” on the album “Baby”, the output
which is planned in October 2017. Track made in the style of europop with soft inclusions
Oriental motifs, which perfectly complements the song. Unlike
the last successful release “Wasting Time” “Into my heart” is closer to the style
previous works of Sasha holiday, such as “Chameleon” and “Done”. The track is
the result of the collaboration with the global producer Risto Asikainen, behind
which has about 40 platinum discs. The music was written by the singer herself, and
the text was written by Risto.

“It all started with the fact that I just asked him
a song for ourselves, — says Sasha. — He listened to all my previous
work and was invited to write it together to his Studio. In this situation, I even
not hoping, because this man has a very busy schedule. However, for the sake of
our creativity he canceled his trip to
Japan. I’m sorry, the victims of the Japanese artists! (laughs). We quickly, effortlessly, completely satisfied
a, recorded for a couple of hours the vocals. I’m sure it needs
enjoy and enjoy the process, then get something decent. And
this song was very easy! The real magic, the magic that happens
if itself.. “Into my heart” track on the status of mad love,
when can neither hide nor run away from strong feelings, no matter how much
not persuaded yourself”.

As already noted, the track will be included in the debut
solo album, “Baby”, the output of which is planned in October. The inspiration for
the album was the second pregnancy of the singer. Special parts
the singer has not yet divided, we only know that she is at 7 months
pregnancy: “I think the album “Baby”
very personal. My husband and producer Valery Drobysh took an active part in it
creating, there is a song on beat younger brother John Drobysh and even our son Vanya
creatively invested (laughs). The album promises to be a stylistically diverse and
unique, ultra-fashionable, and most importantly, quality, because for us is very
important high level”.