Singer Prince has died of a serious flu

Певец Принс умер от тяжелого гриппа

In the estate of 57-year-old singer a few days ago, was urgently called doctors, and hospitalized.

The flu symptoms were showing Prince in the next few weeks, the singer strenuously treated. He even has cancelled all concerts. But at some point, felt better, decided that he can perform. A week ago he gave a second show in Atlanta of the planned Grand tour. And the next day when I returned home, I felt on the plane so bad that the Board had to make an emergency landing in Illinois.

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Prince was taken to hospital where he spent a couple of hours. And wanted to go home. According to sources of the Daily Mail, when the singer left the hospital, he didn’t look good. Doctors said then that the singer could not win a protracted flu because of its exhausted body – because of too busy schedule has been a breakdown. However, he was released to be treated home, in an estate in Paisley Park, providing recommendations.

After that, the singer wrote on Twitter that he is feeling much better and asked for him not to worry. In response, all were happy.

What happened next, now the police finds out. It is reported that Prince died in his home on Thursday, April 22. He was found by his relatives. But the police have to check, whether the singer died of natural causes. The fact that this may be already discussed by the fans of the singer. They share in social networks a photograph of the Prince, who rolls the bike from the estate. It was taken just four days ago. And that, in their opinion, proof that the singer was feeling tolerably well. Supposedly, won’t be the same people dying to ride a bike.

On the other hand, a few days ago the singer published in social networks a white square, not a picture with no comment. And that gave food for speculation that he knew that die, and may have committed suicide.

However, fans can understand. Hard to believe that is indeed an outstanding person, the man who changed the history of music, could have died from the flu in the twenty-first century…

The singer Prince was born on June 7 1958 in Minnesota and 7 years old he began to study music. The whole world knew him as one of the best American performers of the musical genre “rhythm and Blues”. He was the first to join incompatible – funk and soul. And thus a revolution in music.

The noise he had done, and their stage costumes, when the 80s came on the scene in high heels and bikini. At the same time he attributed a different sexual orientation, but singer did not hide girlfriends and even was married.

The first solo album he released in 1978. For more than 38 years on stage, he has released 100 million records, won seven Grammy awards, an Oscar and a Golden globe. In 2005, the name of the Prince was inducted into the Hall of fame rock n ‘ roll.

In recent years, his career evolved, he was walking in faith and in 2001 became one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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