Певица Нюша обновила загородный участок к свадьбе Next to the mansion of the star appeared a heavenly garden with a fountain. Singer Nyusha addressed in the program “a Perfect repair” with a request to create at her house a zone of rest and relaxation where it would be possible to gather the whole family.
Певица Нюша обновила загородный участок к свадьбе

One of the brightest stars of domestic show-business, singer Nyusha will soon be a fateful event – the singer is getting married. The program “a Perfect repair” has decided to make a gift to the wedding mentor show “the Voice. Children,” turning a garden plot at her house in New Moscow.

The mansion was purchased by the family of the singer ten years ago, and the owners have tried to transform the surrounding area. But it turned out pretty boring, no flavor.

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“Our family is very active, rarely give due attention to the house. But on the nose I’m getting married and I want to appeared in the yard a cozy place where you can gather spring and summer evenings with family, roasting meat”, – expressed their wishes Natasha Barbier singer Nyusha.

“And I want to have a garden and it is shaded corner with a hammock where you can relax with a book. And next to the water gurgled. In short, we need a zone of relaxation,” added Nyusha’s sister, Maria Shurochkina, six-time world champion.

Певица Нюша обновила загородный участок к свадьбе
Певица Нюша обновила загородный участок к свадьбе“You rest, and we will show the audience how from a ruin to make a real garden of Eden,” said the sisters leading the “Perfect repair” Natasha Barbier.

Making the project site for Nyusha, the designers were inspired by the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang. This concept means two opposite energies balanced. Because the different elements do not fight, but complement each other. Nyusha began to actively prepare for the wedding


Певица Нюша обновила загородный участок к свадьбе

Work began with the dismantling of tracks. Then marked out the circle, took out the soil. Paved new lighting. The circumference laid out by paving slabs. It reminds of the old paving.

Then plot Nyusha brought the plants – a total of 920 trees, shrubs and flowers. Landscape designers advised to plant birch, arborvitae, Teren, poserednikiv, hydrangea, lilac.

High plants scored edge of the circle, Yin Yang, turned the amphitheater. The arena was paving.

Then on the plot laid turf in a staggered manner. In addition, in the garden, mounted original watering system, round shape in the form of small fountains.

On the lawn set wicker beach chairs made of artificial rattan. On the site put comfortable sofas, armchairs and a table.

“How cool! And everything is in bloom – glad the sisters Jane and Maria to the transformation of the area. Is real magic! A huge thank you to the “Perfect repair” for the work done. Now we know what you’re doing wonders.”