Певица Нюта о расставании с Фадеевым: «Пришлось стать жесткой» The former soloist of group “Ranetki” throughout the year, collaborated with the production center Maxim Fadeev. However, after a year of Nuti road and the famous composer dispersed. In an interview she first explained why left Fadeev, and how to build relationships with former colleagues in the group.
Певица Нюта о расставании с Фадеевым: «Пришлось стать жесткой»

Creative way of the singer Nity was as uneasy as the other member of a once-cult band “Ranetki”. Crazy popular hits and the crowd soon gave way to absolute oblivion — yesterday’s schoolchildren was no longer interested in pop songs about love.

Two years ago, “black ranetka” decided to try your luck by sending a video to casting to band SEREBRO, and did not expect that it will pull the winning ticket — Maxim Fadeev unexpectedly offered to help her with a solo career. During the joint work they managed to release a video for the song “Belong”, but after this 25-year-old actress did not indulge fans with new products.

As it became known “StarHit”, the singer severed ties with the producer.

“We have officially been together for a year. Now I work on my own, but I have a great experience. And, probably, during the work with Maxim Fadeev I became tougher, I lost the share of naivety,” admitted Nuta “StarHit”.

The young singer is not upset that he left without a producer — this year, she graduated from the faculty of producing in the IPCC. Now Nuta intends to use all the experience and knowledge to his career. “The time has come when I can to do something, and maybe in the future I will help other artists. To stop, I certainly will not,” says the star.

For several years Nut shoots video blog. Despite the fact that she talks about there life style, many viewers do not get tired to hint that he would like to hear more from her musical hits. The singer is pleased that its aspirations and desires of subscribers are the same.

Певица Нюта о расставании с Фадеевым: «Пришлось стать жесткой»

Recall Nuth the Baidavletov all learned through its participation in the group “Ranetki” and shooting in the same series. Now the former member of the team – good friends. Despite the fact that for some time they did not communicate, to restore the close friendship helped the love videobloom.

Певица Нюта о расставании с Фадеевым: «Пришлось стать жесткой»“A year ago, girls, Lena Tretyakov and Zhenya Ogurtsova, he called me. We talked for a long time, but not because of some quarrel, and, as often happens, the affected circumstances. They became interested in YouTube, how to remove video mount. And my channel at that time was for three years. In the end, a couple of issues did together, I was of little help. With Leroy Gantry one project together go to Cyprus. I think that now we have become more friendly than in the group. Previously, we were held together by circumstance, and now – just a desire to communicate,” admitted the singer.
Певица Нюта о расставании с Фадеевым: «Пришлось стать жесткой»

A few years ago Nutu suspected in relations with Egor Creed. Now, however, young people communicate not as close as before. “I am very pleased with his victories, have achieved what wanted. I have watched him rejoice at his success. I saw a couple of episodes of “the Bachelor,” I know that he will not play to the camera. Although I am skeptical about different kind of show, but I saw his emotions, quick reaction. I do not know where he is in his personal life, but I think this project it somehow affected”, — admitted the singer.

She Nut now beginning to think about family and children. She believes that with creative people it is easier to find common ground and a common topic of conversation.

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“It’s hard for me to fall in love. I look at girls, one is married, then divorced, the other kids. How do they manage? It’s hard to find someone who is a friend and cause romantic feelings. I can’t meet just like that. I think now is the ideal age for marriage and children. The fact that I now have music and art definitely makes me happy, but still want family,” reasoned the artist in conversation with “StarHit”.