Singer Nota: “Father threatened and extorted money”

Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги» Ward Maxim Fadeev, which many remembered participating in the group “Ranetki”, spoke about the difficult relationships and bullying in school. Now Nuta devotes a lot of time, creativity and suggests that the full plans for the future.
Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги»

24-year-old Anna Baidavletov, also known as Nuta, records songs under the direction of Maxim Fadeev. Know a young artist participating in the group “Ranetki” and shooting in the same series. From the moment the band broke up, it took more than four years. Now Anna is actively developing a solo career. In August they released a bright video girls, in which participated the blogger Lena Seidlin. Videos of bullying in the school, scored more than 600 thousand views on YouTube. “StarHit” learned how Nuta survived persecution in his youth, as well as on the boards of Maxim Fadeev and ideal choice.

A few weeks ago, you said that starting the repair. At what stage is he now?
Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги»My story with the repair begins. I have devoted a section on your YouTube channel and was very surprised when I saw how much the audience is waiting for new releases. Apparently, this topic applies to almost everyone, so I plan to thoroughly understand it and remove the whole process and share experiences. Plan to start with the kitchen. —
You have almost half a million subscribers on YouTube. Tell me how fans affect your life? Probably, you constantly come up on the street and ask for a selfie.
Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги»I often learn when I go on public transport or walk in the center of Moscow. So if you use the metro, be sure to wear warm clothes a jacket with a hood. Some people like to take pictures secretly, which is very unpleasant. But overall fans have a positive influence on me, I feel a closeness to them, and they with me. My audience — adults, positive-minded people, and I am very proud of. But there are, of course, and those who know my address, and then come home and leave gifts at the door. Scares me this behavior. I believe that personal life should remain personal.

Whether there were such cases, when the fans make you seriously fear for your life?
Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги»Of course. There are people who want to know more than you need. For example, they get in touch with my friends in social networks, trying to learn personal information submitted to my relatives. There were times when the guys, the fans, behaved quite inappropriately, wrote of the threat reinforced by the fact that they know where I live, leaving any messages under the door. Of course, it’s very scary, I’m afraid that someday something might happen. Thank God, nothing has happened yet, and I hope that the stubborn fans will behave sensibly.—
What is your relationship with other artists of the production center Maxim Fadeev?
Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги»Very warm, but due to the lack of time fails to converge for all work — busy music or touring extensively. I follow all the artists of the label on social networks, because we are one big family. Among my favorites of the group SEREBRO. I know that Yulia Savicheva is back on the scene, so look forward to her new releases. I would like to record a duet with her. —
What is the first impression you make Maxim Fadeev?
Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги»When I participated in the casting of a group SEREBRO, wanted to meet with Maxim Alexandrovich and shake his hand. I even could not imagine that going to work with him. During the first meeting, he seemed very kind and sincere person. I still have commemorative photos taken that day, it is a good-luck charm.

Maxim gives you advice?
Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги»Yes, he treats me fatherly and always able to help, if something’s been bothering me. Maksim Aleksandrovich speaks briefly and to the point, he won’t have to repeat it twice, because everything becomes clear the first time. A year of working with him I learned a lot. I think I even changed as a person — more patient, more confident. When I came, it was softer, but at the production centre I was re — taught to more Mature look at life and to Express their point of view. As for professional advice, Maxim Alexandrovich always silently watches and then approaches and speaks in my ear everything he thinks and sees. This person can learn infinitely, I’ve never met such people. —
You have made a cool video for the song “Belong” relating to the topic of bullying in school. Tell us why you decided to raise this issue?
Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги»I think that is still relevant. It all started in 8th grade when I discovered the band Tokio Hotel and decided to look not as all: she dyed her hair black and dressed like bill Kaulitz. I’m very liked. Peers didn’t understand me, thought not like. According to them, was I not supposed to stand out. So I was able to scoff, to touch my things and spoil them. Such actions showed that they don’t like my style and Outlook. —
Did you meet those guys?
Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги»I never was aggressive, tried not to be rude to classmates and teachers. I just said that I really wanted to let those with whom you can communicate on the same wavelength. Then I started studying music — writing lyrics on paper and wanted to share their thoughts. Those who abused me taught me not to take everything to heart, I even tried to justify each of them. Due to this the end of the 9-th class I was able to make friends with classmates. I told them one important thing — if I don’t look like it, that does not mean that I’m bad to the people.

This is what your clip, right?
Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги»Yes, he says that all the people who feel some kind of special and, for example, dressed differently, should not be marginalized. In fact, we are all different. We need to respect each and in any case not to humiliate anyone because it can greatly affect a person and even ruin his life. —
Supported your family in the moment when you couldn’t make friends?
Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги»Then we lived together with my mother, which I still consider my friend. She took my image and not cursed, for which I am insanely grateful to her. Perhaps, we think as one. Dad left us when I was only a year. He’s just gone new year’s night. My mom found out that he cheated on her right in our house. She still can’t perceive of December 31, as a holiday, though so many years have passed. But my mother is a wise woman, she never pitted me against my father, not talking bad about him. I knew about dad, only that he works as a airplane pilot. So every time I flew, I wanted to hear his voice. But unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, our paths did not cross.
Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги»
Are you still in contact with him?
Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги»No. In all my life I’ve tried to contact him several times but he never made contact. Every time I sincerely believed that it would be interesting to see how I was doing and if I need help. However, all our communication ended when he was deprived of parental rights. We had to do it because he was threatening, extorting money. —
Do you remember your last conversation with your father?
Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги»Then I was 20 years old. Remember that he felt anger and wanted to vent on him their emotions, to say that my mom and I’m fine without it. He wouldn’t listen and just said “wrong number”. Life story has made me stronger, but it also influenced my attitude to men. I confess that for a long time was closed — I was afraid that I will do exactly the same. But time heals and now I have let go of this situation. I have a new life, filled with vivid events.

Do you have ideal?
Певица Нюта: «Отец угрожал и вымогал деньги»He must be older than me. In most cases, I’m not interested to interact with their peers, because we have completely different interests. I like men that have already taken place as individuals with certain goals in life. Still very important to me mind, sincerity, the ability to be calm. In General, I have a certain image in my head, but I’m not sure whether there is such a man really is. I have too high requests. On the other hand, if I’m in someone will really fall in love, you will accept all his pluses and minuses. —
Can you say that your heart is taken?
No, but there is one person that I really cute. He is not yet aware of… actually, I very rarely fall in love, or rather, felt for someone serious feelings only once. But now I really am in this state, and it was love at first sight.