Певица Наташа Королева "переборщила" с макияжем
Due to excessive active makeup, lips, Natasha Koroleva became unnatural size.

Певица Наташа Королева "переборщила" с макияжем

Interestingly, under this photo Natasha thanked her ex-husband and the composer of hits by Igor Nikolaev:

“Grey eyes! I mean, what you dream with me. Will meet again!!! In the 90s my songs about Eyes, Blue swans of course the Flower Tulip history were MEGA Hits!!! Thank you Maestro Igor Nikolaev @igor_nikolaev_music for deathless prose!!!”

– says Natalia.

But with the current husband Sergey Glushko Queen is not afraid to be funny, real and often posing without makeup.

Fans looking at the top photo with Natalia make-up, said that the actress is very good without makeup.