Певица Натали не жалеет о пластике груди Artist a few years ago I had surgery. According to Natalie, the girl she decided after the birth of her second child. The star sees nothing wrong in referring to surgeons when a woman wants to find a desired breast volume.

      42-year-old singer Natalie does not hide that uses the services of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons to look young and beautiful. The actress admitted that she decided on surgery to change breast volume after the birth of her second child. Star no regrets that she had to resort to such a procedure.

      “The plastic I did only once. When fed second child, my Breasts had lost shape. I had the surgery and no regrets. Now I’m very happy with my bust. And all of the girls suggest: “If you are not satisfied with the chest, it can be corrected”. Today, medicine allows it,” said Natalie.

      The appearance of the stars has become a subject of discussion in social networks. Fans accused the woman that she corrected the shape of the face, plastic surgeons, after Natalie posted on Instagram vintovoi the frame with a bandage around her head. However, the singer claims that everything is much simpler: she just went to the reception to the beautician who installed it a special thread, tightening the skin. “No surgery on the cheekbone I did, this is a common cosmetic procedure – injections,” explained Natalie.

      Recently, the 42-year-old actress made a splash, laying in Instagram shot where her naked body is covered by the leaves of coniferous tree. Followers of her microblog was in awe of the courage of Natalie and complimented her slender figure. However, there were those who condemned the mother of two children for excessive candor. The singer has apologized for this photo.

      “I have people to please. If we talk about the picture in the larch, there, I wasn’t completely naked, and very neatly covered. Don’t take this as serious and prepared step,” Natalie admitted in an interview with “start the party”, the cover of which she shared in his microblog.

      According to the singer, on social networks it “hoisted” the eldest son Arseny, who have long wondered why it is until recently did not use them. On their pages in the Internet Natalie shares family footage, photos from performances in various television projects and self with unique hairstyles. By the way, for the sake of a photo shoot the star dyed their hair in bright pink. Natalie turned from blonde to oyster abdomen”

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