Певица Натали открыла правду о пластике лица The actress said “StarHit”, for which she needed a bandage. Singer Natalie was intrigued by the elastic bandage around the face. Some were quick to conclude that the celebrity has used the services of a plastic surgeon.

      Певица Натали открыла правду о пластике лица

      In the microblog singer Natalie with an elastic bandage around the face made a lot of noise in the press. The actress immediately suspected that she had plastic surgery. According to some media, she decided to go under the surgeon’s knife in order to get perfect cheekbones. The publication caused the cost of the procedure resorted to by Natalie in the pursuit of youth. However, the singer of the hit “Oh what a man was struck by such rumours. In a conversation with “StarHit” she completely denied information about plastic.

      “No surgery on the cheekbone I did, this is a common cosmetic procedure – injections”, – said the artist.

      It is possible that many alarmed a photograph which Natalie showed the effects of the procedure. “Bruise from the strings in his cheek…And tomorrow photo on the cover”, – said fans of the artist.

      Певица Натали открыла правду о пластике лица

      Fans will not stop admiring how beautiful looks the 42-year-old actress. They believe that the singer has its own beauty secret, which allows her to stay young. They were amazed that Natalie did not hide from the public that is drawn to cosmetic procedures.

      “You are so pretty, what lovely eyes, can’t you stop looking, how lucky your husband. And soon you have a silver wedding, that’s how cool”, “Unique and honest star who isn’t afraid to hide their beauty treatments from the fans”, “still beautiful you can be our always” – universally praised singer subscribers in the social network.

      Natalie is not afraid of changes in their appearance. Not so long ago she decided to break up with platinum hair color and chose pink. A new image was adopted by public on hurrah. Natalie turned from blonde to oyster abdomen”

      Many admirable causes and chiseled figure of Natalie. She recently published pictures in a bikini, which made her younger son on holiday by the pool. Fans wonder how the singer manages to take care of the family, to raise two children, to release new songs, and a fabulous look.

      Natalie married for 25 years in businessman Alexander Rudin. The artist believes that the secret to a happy marriage is true love. She got married quite early – at the age of 17. Natalie’s older two sons – 15-year-old Arseny and 5-year-old Anatoly.

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