Singer Natalia Shturm suffers beating ex-wife for my son

Певица Наталья Штурм терпит побои экс-супруга ради сына Natalia Shturm admitted that the man applies to her violence. Despite the fact that the actress is 12 years divorced, she continues to communicate with him. For the happiness of the son of a woman who suffers from unacceptable attitude.

      Певица Наталья Штурм терпит побои экс-супруга ради сына

      The last time a celebrity not afraid to admit that victims of domestic violence on the part of elected representatives. They are trying to draw public attention to the unacceptable attitude of the men. Singer Natalia Shturm came to the Studio of the program “live” to talk about the situation with her ex-husband-a millionaire.

      The actress came to the shooting gear with pepper spray to feel safer in the event of a sudden attack. Natalia said that 12 years ago she divorced her husband Igor Pavlov, but the man continued to raise her hand.

      “Throughout all these years we communicate – we have a child and I think not only this. Once he called me, so I took piano. We came with cameras and filmed and from what happened,” he told Storm.
      Певица Наталья Штурм терпит побои экс-супруга ради сына

      Natalia showed footage of a quarrel with her husband. Former Deputy accused her that she stole his property, and therefore must immediately leave the house. Natalia said that the man began to show aggression towards her after drinking alcohol. According to her, the ex-spouse has a new girlfriend Elena, which probably helped him to become addicted to alcohol

      “He becomes an inveterate drunkard tremendous pace for several years. I noticed after the words son,” said Natalia.

      Assault reported that their heir Arseniy is now with him, as the millionaire pays elite school boy. They agreed that the five days the child lives with her father, and spends weekends with her mom. However, Igor has a different version. He says that the woman can disappear for four months.

      “She loves only two things – money and yourself. I’m 13 years raising a son she rarely sees, for four months lost, and it’s just easier”, – says Igor.
      Певица Наталья Штурм терпит побои экс-супруга ради сына

      But Natalia explained the situation – that she wanted to take my son to Spain, but my father did not allow. In the end, the Storm went one and says that talking with the child regularly. Experts in the Studio, wondered why the artist not insisted that the boy lived with her, because in this case, the Storm will have no reason to appear in the mansion of the ex-husband. As Arseniy tied to the Pope, Natalia tries to do everything to make the man stop drinking for the sake of their child. The singer also fears that a millionaire can leave the child without an inheritance.

      Natalia suggested that the ex-spouse jealous of her, as she’s now found happiness with a new lover Tigran Harutyunyan, and Igor, in turn, married Elena, whom he met in the bath.

      They also had a daughter Natalia’s Assault on Elena. She broke up with her spouse, a citizen of Turkey. The girl told me that they were separated three years ago after a fight in a hotel. However, the girl doesn’t feel a victim because her husband has suffered more from this mess than she is.