Певец Монатик рассекретил отцовство Musician for a long time didn’t share the news with fans. The popular singer Dmitry Montik as little as possible to talk about his personal life. Two years ago the wife of the artist gave him the first-born.

      Singer Dmitry Montik one after the other produces a bright tracks that immediately become popular and top the charts. The audience he is remembered by the tracks “circling” and “Output” and a collaboration with Anna Sedokova, Svetlana Loboda and other artists. Despite the active creative life of the individual man prefers to remain silent. Only recently it became known that the musician became a father for the second time. Of happiness to once again become a father again, he said in the program “social life”.

      “I’m flying. This changes all around. You think differently and your job and everything becomes very different. And it’s cool! You want even more, even better, all of it was good!” – shared his emotions the musician.

      For a long time fans wondered who was the beloved Dmitri. There were rumors that the man married to its Director Irina Demicheva. According to some information, the lovers have been together for six years. Apparently, the first child of Monetica came to light in 2015. Then one of the colleagues of the artist on stage published congratulations to young parents, where he bore the name of Dmitry.

      Despite the fact that fans are showing increased interest in the personal life of the musician, he tries not to dwell on their loved ones. His social networks are dominated by pictures from events and concerts, as well as announcements of future performances. In the microblog artist not mentioned that in his life there was such a joyful change. Irina Demicheva, in turn, often puts photos with her beloved, however, not accompanied by any touching captions about tender feelings.

      “I have a family, and every year it becomes more and more. Me it’s like a man inspired. Family is sacred, and I wish she stayed away from show business,” – said Dmitry in an interview.

      Last year Monatic was one of the mentors of the Ukrainian version of the TV show “the Voice.Children.” As recognized by the artist, that fatherhood has helped him cope with the responsibilities of the leader of his team in the project. He easily found a common language with clients.