Singer Maria MIA spoke about how he coped with the disease

Певица Мария Миа рассказала о том, как справилась с недугом
Singer Maria MIA always positive. So talking about her friends and colleagues. Today Maria gave an interview to project the, where he spoke about how he coped with the disease and how she manages to work in such an active pace.

Певица Мария Миа рассказала о том, как справилась с недугом

– Tell us about the last clip?! You have in each clip there is the famous personality in the past?
– Hello! The last clip was the topic of the New Year and of course notes of positivity!! I like to attract people from the sphere of show business of course, but not always appropriate in my opinion)) extreme video was focused on me and the dancers. In General, I like this last clip and I think the next clip will be even better, while I want it)))

Певица Мария Миа рассказала о том, как справилась с недугом

– Do you like lyrical or let’s say “kapowie” songs?
– Like I’ve always listened to and sang more lyrical themes and would like to return this topic in the “fashion trend”… now I see and understand as “taxis HYIP”, but it’s temporary and soon and from me you will hear “hipoly” track with one star(smile).

– Who is Your idol in the music world? Who do You look up to?
– In my world so to speak is happening now creative crisis and frustration deep in this area, I saw a lot of corrupt people, etc. Maybe soon I’ll change the scope of work and going to an even higher level, as the plans I have “Napoleonic”.

– We know that You had a remission of the disease during the filming, how did You cope with the condition?
“All in our heads”, I kept from last forces! I played and imagined that my tumor is in the kind of fruit he will soon have to go…. in short, playing the pregnancy)) I was sick after each chemo… even from the normal water I was sick. (Smiles)

Певица Мария Миа рассказала о том, как справилась с недугом

– Looked at Your Instagram, You always look so fresh that photos from social events, not even gonna tell You what it was sick?
– About as!!! I’ve always been big on the appearance. And when faced with such illness, of course I started to follow him, a hundred times better and many see how I’ve changed and like a new born. So… half a year worked leukocytes, thus refreshed cells)) the regeneration went well and I am extremely happy, as always. (Smiles)

– What is Your strength?
– Interesting question… that I in spite of everything at the end will draw good…that even show business, I saw the sales and I don’t mean artists, and people who work with the artists and will do anything for a penny in the purse. And I am grateful for this experience and seeing the world of these corrupt people, because they pushed me to choose a profession even higher for their dreams. To be optimistic and to learn from all good and bad is the power!!!

Певица Мария Миа рассказала о том, как справилась с недугом

– Who of show business You support in a difficult period?
– I have two years friends with a great person for me, Ruslan Polyanskiy (Love Radio). He saw how I had endured the ills and disappointments in people and have always been there for me.

– And You are a strong person?
– YES!!! I am strong and I have demonstrated!!!

– What is the most important lesson handed down after he conquered the disease!
– I will not say that for me it was a “lesson”… the test – Yes!! And I did it 110 percent. I temporarily lost not only the hair on the head, but also eyelashes with eyebrows and I still shot clips… I figeyu with yourself! I’m proud of myself and my man proud of me!!! For me it is a victory, not a lesson)))

– You can wish all those people who are in a similar situation?
– I often communicate with such people and otherwise to help mentally and not only. If you hard, write me Direct. It’s all individual and everyone moves Oncology. It is important not to read the information left on the Internet, in order to convince yourself with this nonsense. Read the right mentality and take care love!!!

– What are the next music plans?
– I have not far off two tough tracks and clips. Next, I’m still going to do more cool thing, maybe in this area I outgrew itself and it became even boring. Don’t like crisis(Smiles) I’m still in the shower head and the discoverer 😉

– What is your dream!?
– I have a dream and certainly not the only one!!! It’s personal. I wish readers all the very bright and if your life appeared “grey speck”, not zabyvaya in the corner. The power is in each. Take care of yourself, always with you, Maria MIA.

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