Singer Maksim was urgently hospitalized

Певица МакSим была срочно госпитализирована The actress went to the hospital abroad. During his stay in Turkey, the star felt a sharp pain in the abdomen and had to go to the hospital for help.

Last week, the actress was vacationing in Turkey and there suddenly felt ill. The young woman had to urgently go to a medical facility.

“Marina began a sharp pain in the abdomen, – said the “StarHit” surrounded by Maksim. – The pills did not help, the discomfort intensified. When tolerate was almost impossible, called the doctor, who was diagnosed with acute gastritis. Prescribed a bunch of medication, proper diet. Night Marina spent in the hospital. During this time, changed plane tickets and urgently returned to Moscow.”

Friends met a girl at the airport and was rushed to the clinic in the West of the capital. The doctors watched the singer for several days.

“Had to cancel concerts, including a performance at the ceremony, the popular award – shared surrounded by stars. – Now Marina in the country, comes to, she’s a little better, but full recovery and return to work too early.”

Fans concerned about the state of the actress and was upset due to the cancellation of performances. Recently, the actress became very rarely appear at various social events and get-togethers. She prefers parties family vacation or meeting with friends. Now for the singer it is important to spend more time with his children daughters Sasha and Masha.