Singer Maksim was struck by the fullness

Певица МакSим поразила полнотой
The star is rapidly gaining weight.

Photo: Instagram

Singer Maksim, which constantly scares fans with her thinness, and that the thing is suspected of anorexia, recovered strongly. Marina was never fat, even during pregnancy she did not gain excess weight. The only claim the stars themselves — it is a round face and cheeks. People with such facial structure often seem more full than it really is.

Yesterday Mack came in for the morning broadcast of the New radio dressed in sports and no make-up, which is understandable, because the artists don’t usually get up so early. And, given that modern radios in parallel with the air goes still and the video on the website, the whole hour star sat in the favorite round glasses that gave her a visual of the volume.

“Swollen, nightmare, what about it?” — surprised the fans. — “Like young, do drink?!”

And it’s the most innocuous comments, which gave the singer the subscribers. Really nothing horrible with the girl never happened. Usually costs just the singer to relax a little and do not follow a diet, the first thing she recover it cheeks. Besides, not so long ago — in July — the star complained to fans that she is not yet allowed to play sports, so it is not surprising that Mack could be a little better.