Певица Макsим откровенно рассказала о своей бедности
The actress is preparing to introduce an autobiographical book.

Singer Maksim

In his first book “It’s me…” Maksim frankly told
about his childhood, on the road to success, love and separation, family and friends, work
and rest. Truthfully and with humor, she tells about difficult periods in their life,
insane actions, on bright days and dark nights.

The actress is confident that the reader will find in the book a few
tips for all occasions: for example, how to tame a street rat how to escape
from home, struggling through the window lattice how to conquer Moscow with only
audiotapes and a jar of jam, as well as how to drive a car, not knowing where she
is the brake.

“This book is proof that life is an amazing thing
and discouraged absolutely not necessary”, — says the singer.