Singer Maksim is leaving the scene due to serious health problems

Певица МакSим покидает сцену из-за серьезных проблем со здоровьем
The actress stopped concert activity.



One of the brightest pop stars of the “zero” — the singer
— was not heard for a long time, and recently news, alas, can not be called
positive. It became known that the artist gets indefinite leave to
to solve health problems. In the environment of the singer say that they are quite
serious. Maksim
canceled scheduled concerts in several Russian cities, was unable
to attend the festival fans FIFA on the Sparrow hills, and even on
annual meeting with fans the day of his birth. Since the beginning of July Maksim leaves the scene and ceases
tour activity.

The star needs to regain her strength, and they spent
a lot: she has 12 years of non-stop strenuous and active work.
How long will be the vacation is still unknown, but free time artist
intends to pursue with her daughters, Alexandra and Maria.

— is not the only celebrity forced to abandon the work in favor
health. In June Dima Bilan announced that he stops the concert
activity. The singer said that he made the difficult decision to donate
his own career in order to improve their health and recover

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