Singer Maksim devoted fans in the their secrets

Певица МакSим посвятила фанатов в свои тайны The artist presented his autobiography. Singer Maksim decided to reveal my soul to the loyal fans. She told me that she was planning to sit down for a memoir in old age, but decided that now she has something to tell the readers.

      Певица МакSим посвятила фанатов в свои тайны

      At the beginning of December on the shelves of bookstores appeared the long-awaited autobiography of the singer Maksim, “I…”, and especially the singer met with fans in St. Petersburg bookstore “barrister” to talk about his new creation. By the way, this is the first book of the singer.

      Mack buried a loved one

      “I’m not going to tell you that I have a great story, because I wasn’t in the war, was not involved in politics. All that is written in my book, is an easy genre. To work I came with great irony and I can’t say what is written in it how to live, rather it says how we shouldn’t!” – smiled at Maksim.
      Певица МакSим посвятила фанатов в свои тайны

      The singer said that has no regrets. She would repeat everything again, because the way each person – unique and individual, and, in her opinion, it was important that he kept up. Remembering his life while working on the book, the singer has come to some interesting conclusions.

      “I was planning to sit down for a memoir at the age of 80, and here I thought I would get a small pamphlet, and wrote a full book. When I recalled situations from the past, I thought to call the book “Running on rake”, because anything and have not learned!” – said the singer.

      Did Mack and another unusual recognition. Answering the fans question “what is your biggest fear”, the singer suddenly said: “Spiders!” But, then the caveat: “To my great regret and to the regret of my mother, I am very rarely scared of anything. As I’m still alive and well – don’t understand!”

      Певица МакSим посвятила фанатов в свои тайны

      Artist this year marks the 10th anniversary of creative activity, which is devoted to the big Russian tour. Now all thoughts of the singer dedicated to concert activities, which are planned for several months ahead. According to the artist, she and her team on their performances even remember the songs not played for years, and the concert is not just another “pop” performance, and artistically enriched the show. This could make the audience that came to the concert in BKZ “October” where for two hours the singer performed his best hits as well as tracks from latest album “Good”. Muscovites will be able to enjoy the show “It’s me” on March 19 at “Izvestia Hall”.