Singer Maksim challenged Anastasia Volochkova

Певица МакSим бросила вызов Анастасии Волочковой The popular singer has shared with fans photos in a social network, where she demonstrates the wonders of flexibility. Fans were amazed by the beautiful physical form of the actress and compared star from a famous ballerina.

Maksim own example proved that not only Anastasia has a great stretch. Recently pop singer posted in “Instagram” a few photos that captured in unusual poses – for longitudinal and transverse flexibility.

Fans were delighted with what they saw and left many admiring comments: “Super stretch! And I can’t do this”, “Clever”, “this string”, “Example for me!” “No worse Volochkova!”, “Slim! I envy that motivated your photos, Marina!”, “It’s really cool! Now I have a new goal!”. Also, many noted that this is a great example for all moms, because the artist is raising two daughters.

“Tired after work! Sit the girls somewhere?” – signed one of the pictures Mack.

Many used to see a girl on stage with microphone and in music videos, so we were pleasantly surprised that their favorite is in good shape and could easily compete with ballerinas and gymnasts.

Lately Maksim rarely appears in the society pages and believes that the star event is not for her. She is indifferent to social networking and believes that independent from them. So rarely pleases fans with new photos, causing every new post especially valuable.

Earlier Mack had shared photos of their athletic achievements, what motivated their fans to aspire to the ideal figure. The singer continues to evolve, delighting fans with beautiful appearance and receiving numerous compliments.