Певица Лорд рассказала о том, где взяла вдохновение для песни Liability и расплакалась в такси

29 August, a famous singer Ella Maria O’connor, better known under the pseudonym Lord spoke at a closed session iHeartRadio in Houdini Estate in Los Angeles. During the time of the concert, the singer also shared with fans about where you learned of the inspiration for songs Liability, which is included in her new album Melodrama.

Певица Лорд рассказала о том, где взяла вдохновение для песни Liability и расплакалась в такси

“This is one of the earliest songs that we wrote together and it means a lot to me,” says the girl fans about the song she has written with Bleachers frontman Jack Antonovym. “And I think it will mean a lot to me for a long time. Some of the songs that you write are passed to the listeners the emotions that you felt for a long, long time.”

“’Royals’ was just one of those songs about which I thought for two years. This song was the most powerful hour in the past year, ” says the singer. “I felt I needed to write it. It was a crazy feeling, and it’s not that feeling which I often visited. But I will never forget it.”

The creation and performance of songs charges the girl forces, which she made in the closed session, despite his cold. “I don’t think you noticed, but I was not feeling very well, so now I am being treated, that would return the voice,” said the Lord to those present at the concert, which was also stars Vanessa Hudgens, Bellamy young, and Becca tilley.

Певица Лорд рассказала о том, где взяла вдохновение для песни Liability и расплакалась в такси

“Spending that time with you was real pleasure. I think then I was sick as ever. It was so crazy.” she added. Despite his terrible condition, she is not set to cancel the concerts, and continued to delight fans with performances.

The new Zealand actress has lit the show in a bright outfit, performing a new song “Homemade Dynamite”. But without the old hits was not, so she performed a mix of already known songs.

Also, the foreign singer has talked about how walking helps her cope with the bad thoughts. The long hikes help the girl to clear your head. “Sometimes you just have to get out of the house and go for a walk,” said Ella Maria. “You feel so awful, despite the fact that you’re experiencing. And I remember I went on this walk. I was very angry. I wanted to walk as far as possible. It seems, whether I was 8 or even 10 kilometers. Three miles? I wanted to go as long as possible, and went far enough.”

To get back home on foot, the singer did not, and decided to order a taxi company, Uber. In the end, she was unable to restrain emotions and just cried in the back seat of the car. New Zealand artist tried to cry as quietly as possible, that the driver heard nothing.

“He’s definitely realized that I was crying. Then I listened to the song ‘Higher’ singer Rihanna,” said the Lord to his fans before the show. “I was listening to this song and just burst into tears because I felt this special feeling when you too much for someone.”

“There is a force field between me and that feeling,” said Lord. “Writing songs helped me to feel really strong.”