Singer LiRo thrown overboard Katya Putin

Певец Лиро выбросил за борт Катю Путину
Known by LiRo (Li Raw) scandal in Cyprus and was thrown overboard Katya Putin. The incident occurred in Cyprus during the shooting process a new clip of the artist “Summer heat”.

Певец Лиро выбросил за борт Катю Путину

On the third day of shooting on the ship during a fun Kate showed up Putin with a t-shirt on which was the inscription #Integramedica. The contractor decided to throw it overboard, which caused a major stir on the beach. It was later revealed that the girl left behind name is like the daughter of President Vladimir Putin – Kate.

Певец Лиро выбросил за борт Катю Путину

The incident is not much spoiled the shooting process, and “Summer heat” loud continued on the beaches of Cyprus.

However, the actor managed to attract a significant attention of tourists and local residents, who noted that Russian singer caused a stir on the local beaches and roads dances and Patriotic passage on the cars of the Russian flag and the flag of “Region 65”.

Below we offer you to look at LiRo (Li Raw) – Summer heat:

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