Певицу Леру Масскву преследуют несчастья At the end of last year, the singer hits “the Seventh floor” and “finally” the apartment burned down. Lera’s family of Masskvy was in the hospital. No sooner had the actress and her family to recover from the incident as they had a new problem.

In December of last year in apartment of the singer Lera of Masskvy was a strong fire. The actress, her husband Paul and son evlakhov Plato was urgently hospitalized with burns and poisoning. The singer said that her housing there are only “a piece of the bedroom and wardrobe in the nursery”. Living room and kitchen were destroyed by fire. However, the troubles Lera has not ended.

As told to the singer, she lost the car. Despite the fact that the car is Masskvy, according to documents it belongs to others.

“The machine itself, we quickly evacuated and we have it, but actually it is not mine. After the restoration of the passport I went to restore the TCP. In GAI told me that’s not my car. A man who introduced himself as my husband, sold my car to a woman. This woman purchased my car in Tula, although she lives in Moscow, money was transferred in cash, to track any of their movements impossible. The contract of purchase-sale decorated on the burnt passport. My documents on the car, and everything else was burned, well, at least I thought so before, now do not know” – said the singer.

According to Lera, she and her husband turned to law enforcement officers, but the fact on their application has not yet started. “Everything that happened in the Balashikha police Department and the traffic police have looked very strange, but “strange”, of course, the matter will not sew,” says the singer.

The actress added that the cause of the fire in her apartment until set. “In light of the events I don’t even know what to think,” said the Masskva. According to Lera, information about the causes of the incident, which received wide publicity, not true. According to some, the family of the singer herself sparked the fire. The Masskva denies this information.

“We do not roasted, we have not included the stove, no candles were lit, we did not smoke and did not run with the torches around the room. In addition to the absurdity of all these versions, which I don’t know who composes, worst of all, they confuse emergency workers and hinder the normal investigation. I know many, as talked personally, I’m a normal person and my apartment is a small child, in addition to everything else, and “severe” allergies. I don’t leave candles, stoves, and fireworks unattended, especially when you go to sleep!” – said Lera.

Fans of Masskvy worried about her and regularly ask how to help. The actress thanked the concerned people and noted that she was uncomfortable to make such offers. However, the situation, according to the singer, out of control. “It is unclear how and when it will be resolved. It’s clear that it will be months, vessels, and expertise will not be easy. I hope for the best, but as they say, it is always better to prepare for the worst” – shared Masskva. Leroy also left in social networks, their Bank details so anyone could support it.