Singer Lera Masskva married

Певица Лера Массква вышла замуж The actress and her partner decided to formalize their relationship officially. Lera Masskva went to the Griboedov registry office, along with his lover Pavel Evlakhov. Fans rushed to congratulate the newlyweds with this solemn day.

      Popular in the mid-2000s, singer Lera Masskva today married. The actress went down the aisle with her lover Pavel Evlakhov. A couple sealed their relationship in the Griboedov registry office of Moscow. In social networks Lera told about cardinal changes in life.

      “Well, not so scary actually,” wrote the actress, posting a photo after the wedding ceremony.

      The singer has chosen a rather modest dress in cream color. Fans Lera was complimenting her on her way and hurried to congratulate on such a significant day in her life. “Wow! Congratulations! The bride – gorgeous!”, “Ah, handsome! I congratulate you, my friends! You are the most beautiful couple!”, “Cheers guys. Took part of the occasion. In butterflies! Congratulations to you! Live and more happily,” wrote friends of the couple.

      For some followers, the singer’s decision to get married was a real surprise. They believed that Valerie and Paul have been married. However, the actress said that for a long time they checked my love, before to formalize the relationship.

      Apparently, the artist humorously refers to his marriage. In the microblog she has published a screenshot of correspondence with her fiancé before the wedding. Valerie joked that you wouldn’t come to your own celebration. However, before they, along with Paul made his tattoo on the ring finger. Now the hands of spouses decorate the first letter of each other’s names.

      “For me it is an inexplicable phenomenon that, despite the totally off-putting circumstances, all rational and non-compliant, despite logic and reason, time spent apart, hundreds of other people in our lives, where and with whom you are and what you doing at this moment, but when someone somewhere says the word “love,” even for a second, but your head flies thought about this one person. And it is wonderful, friends. And nothing is more important. I think that if you know exactly about whom I think in such moments, we need to run to him and not to take a stand, and hug tight, because all that holds you from it, really not cool. Cool – when not one thing in the world can you hold” – wrote the artist.

      Lera Masskva became famous with the songs “7th floor”, “SMS-Naya love”, “finally”, “Irreversible.”