Певица Лера Массква лишилась жилья после сильного пожара In the night from Sunday to Monday, the actress and her husband Paul Vlahov almost died in the emergency. Now Lera Masskva remains in the hospital with her husband. The singer has reached out to fans to share the latest news.
Певица Лера Массква лишилась жилья после сильного пожара

In the beginning of this week in the apartment of the singer Lera of Masskvy located on the prospectus of Marshal Zhukov in Moscow, was a strong fire. As a result, the actress, her husband Paul and son Evlakhov Plato was urgently hospitalized. Lera with her husband went to the research Institute Sklifosovsky, and the child was taken to children’s hospital. Fans of Moskvy was not seriously disturbed by the news about the incident, which received wide publicity.

Lera’s family of Masskvy was in the hospital with burns and poisoning

A few days later, Leroy got in touch with the public. The singer has announced that she and her husband gradually on the mend. The couple are still in hospital, but now they are not in the intensive care unit. Son of the couple Plato already wrote, he lives with his grandmother. According to Lera, they Paul lost communications due to a fire. The artist expressed gratitude to all the caring people who have shown concern and compassion.

“A huge thank you to emergency workers, ambulance staff, the staff of the burn center is incredible people! Thank you very much for your concern about us, for your willingness to help, we really appreciate it. Honestly, I have never in my life felt such a wave of love and support, I never thought that so many people are willing to help us in all possible ways”, – said the singer.

As shared by Valerie, many turn to her with offers of financial assistance. Friends and fans of the actress want to support her family after the incident.

“Unfortunately, I can not imagine the size of the disaster… From the apartment, as I explained, was a piece of bedroom and wardrobe in the nursery. Living room and kitchen burned down completely. How and why it happened we don’t know yet… we Live temporarily there where some things we gathered friends,” – said the singer.

The Masskva admitted that is experiencing a difficult period. In recognition of the singer, she feels lost and has no idea how to answer the questions of compassionate people. “I don’t know what we need, I don’t know what will happen next and which side to approach this. Every morning I Wake up and I think that this is all a dream, it takes a minute but it seems like a very long time, and while I have maximum task – to get rid of at least this,” – said the artist.

“It’s important that I have my parents, family, my family, my friends, my team, our school – they are all very supportive and very help me. Never in my life have I so vividly felt here is the truth, the only thing that matters in life is those around you,” concluded the Masskva.