Singer Lama Safonova has declared about the terrible diagnosis

Певица Лама Сафонова объявила о страшном диагнозе The woman will be a major operation. The artist was diagnosed with cancer. Celebrity candidly admitted that she needed help, and she can’t do it without support from others. Friends and fans Safonova pray for her health.

      Singer Lama Safonova, who was the special guest of the 57th “Eurovision”, held in Baku, made a Frank admission in social networks. The actress spoke for the first time about the terrible disease. According to Safonova, everything happened suddenly. Woman and could not think that someday she will put such diagnosis. However, she is determined and does not intend to give up. Lama will have a long and expensive treatment.

      “Guys…I Have cancer… to Say it’s scary, painful, hard to admit – especially… When you consider strong, successful, blossoming and what could be the issues. My family had a tragedy. Nobody needs to explain what it is. There are no guarantees and time already too, but I can say one thing: I intend to fight. Operation urgent, heavy, cut out several bodies in Moscow. The complexity of the outcome adds to my intolerance to a large spectrum of drugs (anesthesia, anesthesia, antibiotics, etc.), which happened after the attack on me in 2012 and previous troubles. To say that I now feel is to say nothing. I can’t cope”, – said Safonov.

      Celebrity also announced that on 9 January it expects hospitalization. To this date, the Lam will be and then pages in social networks are likely to be left to the administrator. “The recovery will be painful. I guess sometimes it’s better just to decide to voice the trouble and have a chance at life than to acquire posthumous rating live…” – said Safonov.

      Recall that in 2012, the actress was attacked in the centre of Moscow. Safonov were returning home after talks with the concert organizers. When the star got out of his jeep, it was attacked by unknown persons and launched a series of blows to the back and legs. The attackers took the Lama bag with personal belongings, the damage from their actions was estimated at 300 000. In addition, the singer has received a brain concussion, injuries and bruises after the incident she also lost her voice.

      The first album Safonova was released in 2004. At the same time the actress admitted, “Discovery of the year” and was awarded an international prize as a member of the unique musical project. One of the characteristic features of the Lama is the speech with great fans. In 2012 the name Safonova occurred in foreign tabloids, the singer said about the affair with the actor Vinnie Jones. Later, the celebrity gave an interview in which he announced the breakup with the star of the film “lock, stock, and two Smoking barrels”.