Певица KAYA презентовала дерзкий клип на песню «Локо Локо»
Rising star of pop Latino KAYA released a new video for the song “Loco Loco”.

Певица KAYA презентовала дерзкий клип на песню «Локо Локо»

“Loko Loko” is a video about passion, love, and female revenge. In the story, the heroine shows the man that she, like any other girl, sees and feels much sharper than he can imagine. His fleeting cold stare or deception she is ready to turn to ashes, absolutely not regretting about anything. Seething feelings of the heroine throws in dance that speaks for itself.

The video is made by the best choreographers and dancers of the country, creating a unique atmosphere Sizzling Latino. A separate theme – the bold beauty looks of the singer. Stylists brought to life the most challenging ideas: from two-meter loose strands, to the massive braid that was woven diamond chain.

KAYA’s new music video “Loco Loco” is intriguing and keeps the tension and large-scale decorations and the visual part are forced again and again to revisit it and find new interesting details.

The clip was directed by Kate Yak with such Russian artists as: Feduk, Temnikova, Molly, Egor Krid, Hannah.

The clip can be viewed on the official channel of the singer KAYA youtube.com/watch?v=4gSnmezoHCY or below:

By the way, the track “Loko Loko” has blasted social network Tik Tok, gaining 5.3 million views in a week.

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