Singer Kaia caused a rustling in Cartagena

Певица Кайя наделала шороху в Картахене
Singer Kaya reason arrived in the port city of Cartagena. Such a hot girl, the locals will remember for a long time.

Певица Кайя наделала шороху в Картахене

Cartagena was founded in the early 16th century and immediately became a tempting prey to French and English pirates, Spanish conquerors, the native Indians…

But only the singer Kaya was able to conquer this ancient Colombian city without firing a shot.

Певица Кайя наделала шороху в Картахене

Conquerors of past centuries sought here in search of the Golden city of El Dorado, and Kaya was just looking for a suitable place for your hot track “Spin”. And I was not mistaken with a choice! The pulsating rhythm in the style of Afro-beat, Caribbean passion, pervading every line, stunning choreography, all the elements of the puzzle came together, and the main street of the historical quarter of Cartagena was the perfect backdrop for a new videohit.

These streets have seen much. But unplanned carnival of the 60 dancers of all stripes and shades, dancing in unison among the colored two-story houses in colonial style, shocked even the veterans.

Певица Кайя наделала шороху в Картахене

“At first I was afraid to go to Cartagena, although she has chosen this city for shooting”,

– says Kaya.

“We have described this city in General and Colombia as the most dangerous place on earth. Yes, we needed armed guards to block the street — but nowhere are we met so many helpful people! Sub-Equatorial climate, the rainy season (the clip was filmed in October) plus extreme humidity was making the 30-degree heat is unbearable and the make up had to apply again. And in each small cafe helped us with a room, electricity and the like – with the same hospitality, despite the language barrier. The local people speak only Spanish (although our Colombian team sincerely tried to learn Russian language)! I was very touched when our bus driver arrived the next morning in a t-shirt “Kaya Team” and tried to talk to us in Russian. They are absolute darling!”

says Kaya.

Певица Кайя наделала шороху в Картахене

Left-overs a lot of amazing experiences. The wildlife of Colombia knows no barriers and is easily invades the abode of man. The singer remembers with delight about the calves wandering around the property, rainbow toucans soaring at arm’s length, and unceremoniously parrots, stealing food from plates.

Danger lurked in the sea: Kaya fearlessly starred in a scene on the beach, despite the fear of muddy rain water, infested with poisonous reptiles.

“Anything for a beautiful shot!”,

laughs the actress.

What came out of it, you can see a little:

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