Певица Жасмин пойдёт под суд

No sooner had the Russian singer Jasmine overjoyed by the reunion with her husband Ilan Shor, as she had a new nuisance: a celebrity sued a businessman who requires the court to charge the artist 62 million.

The plaintiff was the head of the construction company Paul Gorbach, who asks the Arbitration court of Moscow to restore justice and to recover from the Jasmine of the above mentioned amount.
As it became known to journalists, Gorbachev went to court a couple of weeks ago, but since both parties did not come to the meeting, the hearing was postponed for October of next year.
The actress’s representative has not commented on the situation, but she Jasin commented on in the media unflattering information about her husband Ilan shore, suspected of swindle in especially large sizes.
“I was shocked and aroused disgust some hypocritical media, who had never received gifts from my husband.. Attacking Ilana, they still will not be able to hide the truth,” said Jasmine.

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