Singer Jasmine hired a tennis coach

Певица Жасмин наняла тренера по теннису
The star decided to do an expensive sport.

Photo: Instagram

Jasmine cannot imagine their life without sport. At one time it was an active life and a personal fitness trainer has helped her lose 25 pounds overweight after the birth of daughter Margarita. After the third confinement Jasmine returned to regular training, when little Myron turned three months old. Basically, it was strength training, step aerobics and stretching.

Now, when the main stage of weight loss and behind Jasmine is in great shape, sports schedule star has been enriched with tennis. Is it the Jasmine in one of the best schools of Chisinau under the “supervision” of a professional trainer.

By the way, play Jasmine can not only tennis but also football. At least on vacation she taught her year-old son how to kick a ball and score goals. Like many boys, he loves balls, so seeing the ball lying in the goal on the football field at the hotel, he immediately wanted to play with him. Jasmine was showing his son a thing or two how to play football. The boy, however, was still reaching for the ball with his hands, so the basics of football, he still cannot grasp. However, the vacation continues!

“My little Cristiano Mirano!” laughed the singer, looking at how clumsily, but at the same time, persistently, the son running after the ball.