Певица Жасмин рада освобождению мужа Actress happy now that Ilan Shor is close to family. Singer Jasmine was going through a difficult separation with her husband, left alone with the children. Celebrity hopes that justice will prevail.

      At the end of June the public was shocked to learn that the wife of the popular singer Jasmine, Ilan Shor has been detained in Moldova. Businessman suspected of Bank fraud. However, the artist was certain – all this is nothing more than a misunderstanding, and her husband is completely innocent. Now, after a month, the businessman was reunited with his family.

      The ordeal in the life of Jasmine: the beating and arrest of the other spouse

      “I am boundlessly happy that my husband is the father of my children Ilan Shor, finally, near the family. We were looking forward to this day together will be there till the final proof of his innocence. I was surprised and aroused the disgust of the article against Ilana, who publish some of the alleged journalists, once receiving the benefit, assistance and gifts from my husband. They and the media they represent, demonstrate endless hypocrisy, arranging these performances. They are doing nothing but trying to hide the facts that sooner or later will be made public. Attacking Ilana, they will not be able to hide the truth!” – written in the hearts of the singer on the release of the spouse.

      After the arrest of her husband Jasmine experienced a real shock. She was left alone with the children, the youngest was only two months. The artist believed that the police had no good reasons to delay Ilana and especially to prevent him near the family. Especially the singer was outraged that the cause that detained her husband, the old, and therefore he had no opportunity to destroy any evidence and documents. Besides, shore cooperated with the investigation.

      “At least cynically use such arguments if it is well known that when he was summoned, he came immediately, regardless of where he was. Left the family and whatever was present at the hearing. Why suddenly start to claim that he can destroy the evidence when we are talking about an old case, and if you want you can destroy them before?” asked a famous actress.

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