Singer Irina Dubtsova mourns the death of the Pope

Певица Ирину Дубцова скорбит о смерти папы
A few minutes ago, the singer Irina Dubtsova has posted a sad Instagram post.

Певица Ирину Дубцова скорбит о смерти папы

Exactly 7 years ago, on 4 Dec 2011, from dad Irina, musician Victor dubtsov. It so happened that died a Victor in the day of his birth.

At the time of the tragedy Irina Dubtsova was filming. According to her, she still being at work felt like home, something happened.

Today, on the anniversary of his father’s death, Irene published a family photo with dad:

“I love you, Dad. Victor Dubtsov. 4.12.1950 – on 4.12.2011”

– wrote Irina in her blog.

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