Singer Hannah avenged the wrong choice

Певица Ханна отомстила неверному избраннику The artist could not forgive treason. Hannah released a new video in which he behaved very resolutely. The pop star managed to surprise his fans with unexpected plot selected for the song “Without you I can’t.”

Singer Hannah once again surprised his fans with provocative videos. For the video for the romantic track “Without you I can’t,” was chosen a very bold and daring plot. In the new work, the artist pushed away from the usual for it to change images and outfits that filled all the previous videos of the singer.

For shooting was selected as a large country house, which during the day Director of the group has brought to life the story of the clip.

“A similar situation has happened in my life, however, the ending was, of course, somewhat different. In the scenario of the clip, we decided to show that to offend them is dangerous”, says his new job Hannah.
Певица Ханна отомстила неверному избраннику

In real life, the singer married and are very happy with their relationship with your spouse. Despite the huge number of fans who are trying to attract the attention of beautiful women, chosen Hannah’s complete confidence in my wife.

“In our relations there is no place of jealousy, no one just gives you a reason to. Although I must confess, I sometimes resent her husband for what he did even a little bit can not be jealous. Pasha, as she wants me to grow in my profession. He sees that I get pleasure from, what you do, work on yourself and achieve results”, – told the artist “StarHit”.

Singer Hannah: “In our relations with the Pasha there is no place of jealousy”

Her storyline was a surprising decision. “Director Zaur Zaseev suggested a rather atypical idea of shooting for our country. A woman in a not simple situation may behave differently. In this work we decided to reflect the attitude of life and the position of Hannah on the example of a situation where a woman usually looks weak and broken by grief,” says Paul Kuryanov, producer Hannah.