Singer Glory threatened with physical violence

Певице Славе угрожают физической расправой The vocalist got into an altercation with a colleague during a social event. Singer Slava has recorded a video message in which he told that she and her family are in danger. According to star, the threats came from the lips of a very famous person.

Singer Slava was published in the microblog the video, which spoke about the serious conflict with one of the colleagues on show-to business. In the result of a quarrel that broke out between the star and one of the performers whose name the Glory of name, the singer and her family in serious danger. But worries about the man she loved

Their video Glory, obviously, makes an attempt to somehow protect themselves and their family. The singer said very emotionally, you can see that she is really not a little scared.

“I am a singer Fame, came with the premium EN TV. Wonderful prize, congratulations to all nominated, Bruchanov, says in the video, the singer. – The point is that one beautiful lady that I always loved, respected and still do, threaten me with physical violence…

… Maybe she just doesn’t know the essence through the fault of another person, because of which it happened. So if something happens, you know, fine, I don’t want to call your name. I’m not a person like you. You know that people know your name, and if me or my family something happens, everyone knows who and what threatened me. I know that the first two times you were wrong. Then I also made a wrong move. And then you suddenly get in the back and I shouted, began to threaten. But I forgive all, harm to me is not necessary to face”.

Fans of Glory immediately supported it. They make compliments to the singer, claiming that she had nothing to fear because she has a huge army of defenders in their face.

“If you cry in the back, so you are ahead! And don’t forget it. Well Done, Glory!” “Respect, Glory, I will destroy you”, “Someone dared to threaten you with? It is not smart people that someone”, “Get! The zmejushnika, not showbiz,” “Glory, we are for you, dear our beloved Slavochka!”, “Everything will be fine! Never mind. We are with you, beauty is ours!”, “Who? Who is this creature? Now we’re going to threaten!”, “Threaten from weakness. Because you’re the best. As a rule, those who voiced their threats, in fact, anything not capable of. Would like to do something, would do it silently. So, relax”, – speak in support of the Fame of her loyal fans.

However, post hung in the microblog singer of Fame a few hours. After some time, the singer decided her emotional video message to delete. Apparently, she had her reasons.