Певица Габриэлла сбежала с семьей в Бразилию The artist enjoys the communication with your family in Rio de Janeiro. Gabriella is happy to be in hometown with her husband and daughter. A celebrity not only for relax on the beach, and takes away the first order garment for your online store.

      Певица Габриэлла сбежала с семьей в Бразилию

      Participant of the fourth season of “the Voice” Gabriella went to Sunny Rio de Janeiro with his family. There’s a young mom had a great vacation with my husband and daughter.

      For numerous photos it is noticeable that the artist is happy with the opportunity to spend a few days in her hometown with those closest to you. She enjoys staying by the ocean. Gabriella sunbathes on the beach, basking under the sun and her daughter is building a sand castle.

      Fans could once again admire the chiseled figure of the singer in a bathing suit. Apparently, Gabriella is completely satisfied with their appearance and shapes. However, to achieve a gorgeous body the artist had to refer to specialists. They helped make the figure of the celebrity is almost perfect. “Yes, I resorted to the help of plastic surgeons – confessed “StarHit” the participant of the project “the Voice”. – I have done the chest. I think that it’s cool that now there is an opportunity to correct deficiencies by surgery. In Brazil, we have generally considered the norm to enlarge the Breasts, and no one hides. In my opinion, if it will add charm to woman and make her more attractive, then why not”.

      Певица Габриэлла сбежала с семьей в Бразилию

      Also Gabriella always intently watching how she looks. To maintain the beauty she regularly asks to cosmetologists, but selects only those masters who may be trusted. She believes that every person is beautiful in their own way, but because individuality should be emphasized.

      For an artist it is very important to spend as much time as possible surrounded by her husband and daughter. But the artist went home not only to once again feel themselves in familiar surroundings. Sultry Brazilian decided to try his hand in business and is going to open its online store. Because now many are trying to live a healthy lifestyle and do sports, it intends to provide its customers with high quality and beautiful sportswear. Gabriella will delight all fashionistas unique design different items of clothing, made in Brazil from high quality fabrics. The singer promises that her tracksuits body to breathe, and bright colors will always set the good mood of their owners.

      Певица Габриэлла сбежала с семьей в Бразилию

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