Певицы из России и Украины чудом остались живы в Ницце Light and ex-participant of “VIA gra” Santa Dimopoulos can’t recover from the shock. During the celebration of Bastille Day in France was brutally attack. In a crowd of people was hit by a truck, from which they opened fire. The tragedy claimed more than 80 lives.

      Певицы из России и Украины чудом остались живы в Ницце

      France is in mourning. In a European country there was a terrible tragedy. The night before the resort city of nice were covered with blood of innocent victims. Brutal terrorist attack, according to police, made a 31-year-old native of Tunisia. The offender drove a huge truck into a crowd gathered to watch the fireworks on the waterfront of people. Among the guests were many families with children. According to preliminary data, killed 84 people. About two hundred were injured. Among the victims, reported in the press, more than 50 children, they were taken to the city hospital.

      The tragedy in nice: stars mourn the victims of the terrorist attack in France

      Light singer, known for his hits “Your eyes”, “airport”, “Enough,” and others, thanks guardian angel for what she and her family survived. Star and her family were together with other tourists and townspeople at the festival. They strolled along the legendary promenade of nice and literally a few minutes before the terrible tragedy went home.

      “Thank you guardian angel… This is a terrible tragedy… my son and I went for four minutes before the attack… may God Give the strength to all the relatives and friends of the victims. And no matter what they were a nationality… people Died, children, families,” wrote Light.
      Певицы из России и Украины чудом остались живы в Ницце

      Famous Ukrainian singer Santa Dimopulos became the eyewitness of incident in nice attack. Ex-participant of “VIA gra” with friends resting in the South of France, she travels a lot along the coast. In the fateful evening, the artist went of nice and Antibes. It so happened that she was a few metres from the scene of the tragedy and saw with my own eyes what was going on there. Later Santa shared in his microblog experienced emotions.

      “Can’t sleep… I was very close to this nightmare. So many dead, so many children… the World must be a safe place, not hell on Earth”, – shared his emotions Santa Dimopulos.
      Певицы из России и Украины чудом остались живы в Ницце

      According to reports of other witnesses, the truck at high speed crashed into the crowd in nice. He was on the smooth path to crush as many people as possible. When the car stopped, she began shooting at defenseless people. Soon, the police were able to destroy the offender, but he managed to claim the lives of over 80 people. The French authorities have decided to extend the emergency rule in the country. President Francois Hollande called it a terrorist act.

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