Певица Ева Тимуш рассказала о творческой жизни и планах на будущее
A talented singer, finalist of the third season of “the Voice. Children” and The Voice Of Romania, participant of the contest “New wave 2015” Eva timush gave an interesting interview in which has told about how to succeed in your career, overcoming difficulties, and plans for the future.

Певица Ева Тимуш рассказала о творческой жизни и планах на будущее

Star.ru: Eva, good day! You’re so young! Tell us about the history of their success.

Eva timush: it All started with the project,which gave me a great start in his career.I participated on the show “the voice kids”.I really grateful to this project for friends with whom I still keep in touch. I remember a very funny situation,I was very worried and right before the show the guy who spoke before me told me that I have no chance to go further.I then believed him,decided that I would sing to myself.I recently saw this guy,laughed from now on, he said he wanted me to motivate. After that I had an audience. Then came the flow of projects,I’m continuing where I was, Romania. In 2018 I participated in the Romanian Vote, for me it was not very easy, because the competition was huge.America. In 2017, I went to Los Angeles, producer of the band “spice girls” invited me to consider me as a solo singer,but the conditions in America very hard.I decided for myself that I feel closer to Russian show BIZ. I didn’t write the tracks were only covers,only this year I started to move,I believe that I start my career just now.

Star.ru: Eva, tell me, what challenges have you faced?

Eva timush: a lot of haters being present in my creative life,I used to be very difficult,sometimes hands fell.After a time, are beginning to realize that if you have,then you’re on the right track.Now I absolutely do not respond to it,just funny 🙂 I understand that it’s basic envy,I have in my entire life never left an angry comment,never jealous.

Star.ru: do You write your material?

Eva timush: I Have the main helper 🙂 Michael, he writes the music for my tracks, inspires me, shows that there is a new now. Together we analyze what is on the first place in music charts, it’s very easy to work with, we understand each other.

Star.ru: What are your plans for the near future?

Eva timush: the Release of a mini album,I am now actively recording tracks,I think would be cool)We plan to run them in completely different genres,then there will be pop and r&b.I haven’t found myself,found my genre.Consider that I am still in active search.

Star.ru: What would you wish our readers?

Eva timush: Want of harmony,both internally and externally.

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