Singer Elsea presented the bright track "Here and Now" Seize the moment with the track “Here and Now”!

Elsea presented a bright track Singer Elsea released her debut incendiary track “Here and Now”, which perfectly combines dance motifs and lyrical notes.

Here and Now is a transition to a new stage of life, almost a rebirth. Elsea talks about the time of letting go, how she easily steps into a better life. .jpg” alt=”Singer Elsea presented a bright track "Here and Now"” />

The mood of the song is picked up instantly – all regrets and sorrows are thrown back in one second and there is a desire to take a big step forward. The motive of the track is easy to remember – under it the body itself moves to the rhythm of the melody, and the performer's voice sounds in the head for a long time. The lyrical text gives the general sound the contrast that everyone loves and is imprinted in the memory of even the most demanding listener.

Singer Elsea presented the bright track "Here and Now"

Elsea sings about how she does not want to “fall into the dust” again, and this energy of the desire for freedom pry old wounds like a hook. But instead of scratching the crusts, it heals and puts there the desire to fly up again. After all, when, if not now?

Listen to Elsea's new track “Here and Now” on all digital platforms of the country.

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