Singer Danko sent his daughter for treatment in the Czech Republic

Певец Данко отправил дочь на лечение в Чехию Baby Agatha is in a sanatorium, where she helps the doctors. According to the little girl’s mom, already can see some improvements. However, the major changes to speak while early. The girl requires intensive therapy.

      Певец Данко отправил дочь на лечение в Чехию

      Recently the singer and his wife Natalia, Ustimenko managed to find the funds to take two year-old daughter Agatha to rehabilitation. Recall that the baby has a severe form of cerebral palsy and she needs intensive therapy abroad. She is now on treatment in rehabilitation centres in the Czech Spa town Janske Lazne.

      “We just started the first course, which lasts four weeks, – has shared with “StarHit” Natalia. – Already have some improvements – Agatha started to eat with a spoon, she chews and holds her head. Of course, it is the result of our efforts in the complex. In the sanatorium are treated according to the method of Vojta therapy. Doctors say that after a month with the children miracles happen: someone starts to turn, someone to talk about. But we would have at least some kind of awareness to achieve. While my daughter does everything reflex. I would like to say a huge thank you to the people who helped to raise money for treatment. All account information is in our group in Facebook “Agatha is not guilty. Course costs 186 150 rubles.”

      Певец Данко отправил дочь на лечение в Чехию

      Natalia Agatha and I live in a private room. After the treatment they walk. “You should have seen here are people with disabilities,” continues Natasha. – No one looks askance. They all ride in a special wheelchair with a motor and lead a normal life: go to the movies and cafes. By the way, the Czechs in our sanatorium are treated free of charge”.

      In Moscow the family Danko will return in mid-June. If the treatment effect is good, the girl plan to take to the Czech Republic for a refresher course. It is noteworthy that shortly before the trip to Czech Republic babe Agata has also been in a sanatorium near Moscow, where she assisted the doctors. The girl’s parents are grateful to the professionals who made every effort to ensure that their daughter got better.

      Singer Danko: “My daughter will forever be invalid

      The confessions of the wife of the artist, to pay for the treatment and maintenance of sick daughter very difficult. Almost all things that are necessary to the family, Natalia and Aleksandr acquire on AVITO.

      “To have a child with this diagnosis only by the oligarch, said Mrs. Danko. – The price of rehabilitation facilities just space. A special wheelchair for my daughter is worth 170 thousand, a set of cushions 46 and a standing frame – 160 thousand rubles.”

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